In this guide i will explain the only proven way to unlock as many lives as you wish for the ultimate game the Candy Crush Saga.

This hack currently can only be done on android phones. For the sake of an example i set my phones lives to 5000 and a few days later you can see that i am left with only 4595. Yes there is a number on the left of the 5!.

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Ok lets get started :

1. Rooting your phone. This is necessary to be able to view the system memory.
Here is some information from wikipedia :
Here is a small guide on rooting :
I advise you to search for rooting your specific phone on google as this provides you with custom information for each phone

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2. Download the Root checker application to check if you are really rooted. If you are we are ready to go. If not please try rooting again.

3. Download the application Game Guardian.

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4.We are ready!!. Click on the Game Guardian App and a small dog will appear on the screen. Let it be and go inside candy crush saga. As soon as you are in the main screen and can see your lives ( Please have at least 5) click on the dog. On the tabs on top go to the far left inside the guardian settings. Inside the search range option set it to All Regions. Now click on the second tab from the left which is the search tab. Search for the number of lives that you currently have in Candy Crush. Wait a couple of minutes and you will find a lot of possible results. No go back into the game and play once so you decrease your lives by one. As soon as you go back to the main screen go inside game guardian and search for the new amount of your lives. No play again and repeat the search again with the new number of lives. Repeat this until you are left with about 4 results. Sometimes it varies but usually after 4 tries you are left with 3-5 results.

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5. You are king!! Now you have the memory locations of the variables that hold the lives. Go on each result and after a long press on it it asks you to change the value. Set each and every one of them to a number you desire ( Probably 9999 :P). Be carefull you need to change all of the  results to the same number because if you change them differently unexpected results can occur.

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6.Hopefully when you go back to the game the lives will go to the amount you set them.

Good Luck and Happy Playing.